Turmalin Project
The Turmalin concept deals with the coming to terms with being threatened as a child with the wrath of god. the album is in 7 musical stages, from fear to freedom, accompanied by choreographed slide-shows for live performances.
CD, Poster, Single & stage projections, pending release
The Turmalin Project was commissioned by Norwegian musician Petter Nesset -
It deals with his coming to terms with the fear of God, being instilled into him from an early age.
As the poster implies, it's in 7 stages, with a seperate slide-show created for each soundtrack.
This is just a small sample of the project, which is on hold until further notice.
Turmalim - CD package design
Turmalin - Cinema Poster - designed for live performances
Theme for Me - single sleeve design
Turmalin - Live performance shots by JM  - 
Showing a selection of the stage projections accompanying each track, above and below
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