Identity and branding for the Design side of my work
Logos or house-styles applied primarily to letterheads and business cards
 James Marsh Art & Design - Letterhead & Business card layouts, incorporating 'Somatype Skwosh' font
Business Cards - Enlarged scale - Butterfly design top
Alt 'Constellation' design below
Systemic Therapy 'S' logo - Website banner - Designed to convey the complex, abstract nature of the business
Systemic Therapy  -  'S' Logo   -   Letterhead & business card application
Marsh Design  -  Identity layouts, integrating the location & environment of Romney Marsh with my surname
Myrrh Media - 'M' Moth Branding for site focusing on Autism & Self-Help advise
Featuring 'Sanzibar Pro Font   -
Website banner above - Business Card below
Alfa Laval  Logo  -  Letterhead & Card designs  -  Featuring stylised 'Flame Figure'
Folkestone Art Society - Logo - Using the concept of 3 stretched canvases, with the groups initials on each one
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