Transmusicales Festival 36
Branding for the 36th Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, France
Branding for the 36th 'Transmusicales' Music Festival in Rennes, France.
Conceptually the image is titled 'Vibrations', representing the mood or vibe generated at the event between performers and audience.
Landscape Poster Format - Also adapted for Postcards & Press pack, all in pro
Portrait Poster format
Rennes Street scene with rotating poster-board
Front & back of 8 panel Digipack above  -  Opening centre spread below
CD's 1+2 shown above
8 panel Digipack pack shot, below
TM VIDEO / ANIMATION - Still from the video above -
 The video is also used for stage screen projections in between intervals for the various acts
YouTube promo video, incorporating imagery from the branding -
Below Adaptation of branding for music promo by Gilles Gonon -
TM Promo Truck - Side panel layout above - Perspective side shot below
 Festival Programme cover - repeat pattern - incorporating ATM logos
Womens Fitted T shirt - Created for PR purposes, with a Ltd edition offered for sale
Limited Edition socks also produced for the event   -
Complete 'Vibrations' image - from which the various crops & templates were taken
JM Stage Animation  -  presented live on multiple screens behind DJ, examples above & below
Den Sorte Skole - TM 36 Stage performance, recorded and overlaid with branding for video presentation
The branding was everywhere this year, it even appeared at football matches!
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