Transmusicales Festival 35
Branding for 35th music festival in Rennes, France
Branding for the 35th 'Transmusicales' Music Festival in Rennes, France.
Conceptually, the central icon symbolises the town, circles inside represent the various music events throughout,
beginning at the centre, emanating outwards to all 4 corners and beyond
Portrait Poster format
Rennes street scene with Rotating Poster-board
Landscape format Poster - also used as Postcards and press-pack, all in pro.
Festival Banner and Poster outside the Central Rail Station entrance in Rennes
Double CD Digipack, 8 panel layout - Top, 1: back & front, 2: centre spread, 3: CD1 spread, 4: CD2 spread.
Festival invitation Mailer & Label layout
2 Stills from the 13.5 min. Animated Movie - Above & below, designed for Stage Projections in-between acts
Alt. Brochure Cover - designed to allow the icon to wrap-around from front to back
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Stage Performance shot, incorporating Branding - YouTube link  -
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