Transmusicales Festival 34
Identity and branding for French music festival, with multipurpose usage. Specifically, posters, brochures, T, shirts, Album, Ads, stickers and badges.
        Transmusicales De Rennes
                     34th French Music Festival, Branding and Promotional Designs
   The concept for this project was to create something rhythmical and vibrant, reflecting the         contemporary mood and spirit of the multicultural, annual event. Employing an image that       adapts to numerous formats and uses throughout the festival, including :-             
    Posters, Tee-shirts, Tickets, Brochures, Flyers, Programmes, Bags, Banners,  Ads etc.
    TM A format Poster Design
Landscape format Poster above  -  Programme & Editorial adaptation of TM icon below
Double CD - 8 panel Digipack, cover & discs above - 2 center panels below plus pack layout & centre spread:
            Taquin - Smartphone App - Interactive design adaptation of the TM branding Icon for PR purposes
 Artist Programme  A4 sized cover layout, showing both back & front panels
    Large TM Banner  - outside of the Main Gare in Rennes
    Liberte Hall - Just one of the many music venues in Rennes, showing 2 different poster formats in situ
   Champagne label - incorporating the TM branding design - special Brute edition on large format poster as a B/G.
    TM 34 ANIMATION link  -  designed for use on the main stage, with or without soundtrack : - 
   TM Animation sequence - back projected on unusual circular screen behind a DJ at the event
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