Sternblick Branding
Eye Logo created as a Branding icon for Norwegian Headhunting Agency 'Sternblick', meaning 'An Eye for the Stars' in Norwegian.
IDENTITY for Norwegian Headhunting Agency 'STERNBLICK'
'Sternblick' name interpretation:
Norwegian  -  'An Eye for the Stars'  -  German  -  'Strong look'
Website Banner above  -  Single Eye motif below
3 Business card variations  -  Each card appealing to a different client dynamic
Sternblick repeat eye motif  -  Depending on your view point, the image will suggest a Star, Windmill, Flower etc.
Sternblick Letterhead -  The house-styling also incorporates My 'Omni' font as part of the identity.
                 Font website link  -
Sternblick Alt Logo  -  Combined Star & Eye motif
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