Spirit of Talk Talk projects
Spirit of Talk Talk is a celebration of the music & art of Talk Talk, reproducing all the iconic album cover art work for the band throughout their reign in the 80's decade
Collaborative book project published by 'Rocket 88' Sept. 2012 (an 'Essential Publishing' imprint)
Visit the website - http://spiritoftalktalk.com/   for sample pages etc.
Also -  CD project of the same name, published by 'Fierce Panda Records'
Boxed edition of fully illustrated, well documented book celebrating the Music & Art of Talk Talk.
Author's note - both editions are sold out but a revised Paperback Edition will be out in 2015 -
Pre-order here  -  http://spiritoftalktalk.com/
Link to the 2012 Sam Coley radio interview on the project   -   http://samcoley.com/?page_id=1378
 SOTT Book  - Proof pages coming off the press in Italy
 Set of 3 signed Giclee prints  - An A4  Ltd Edition of 300, only available with the numbered, Deluxe, boxed version
SOTT promo poster for book and album launch
SOTT -  6 panel Digipack design:
Double Album of Talk Talk covers by various contemporary artists, published by 'Fierce Panda' Sept. 2012.
The previously unpublished cover art was created in 1983 as a prospective follow-up to 'The Party's Over' -
Profits from CD sales go to the 'Rare Birds club' wildlife charity UK.
Spirit of Talk Talk T-shirts -
Designs on white cotton T, available via my Cafepress site  -  http://www.cafepress.com/jamesmarshart/5545311
Event poster -  for Alan Wilder talk on his experiences touring with the band, whilst helping promote the Album & Book
Link to Upon Paper SOTT feature article  -   http://www.uponpaper.com/features/the-colour-of-spring-talk-talk/
SOTT Paperback Edition - Wrap-around dust jacket adapting 'The Colour of Spring' artwork to suit this format
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