SomaSlab Font Family
SomaSlab Font Family in 4 practical weights
SomaSlab is a serifed-styled font family, available as Regular & Slanted styles in 4 practical weights.
Based on the Somatype font design - the addition of various serifs has transformed it into something new,
creating an equally balanced fusion between existing classics & contemporary serif faces.
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                                                                  SomaSlab icon - created by overlaying a light onto a heavy weight, illustrating the full range of light - heavy

SomaSlab Light
SomaSlab Medium
SomaSlab xBold
SomaSlab Heavy

Rocqawali Logo - Incorporating Somaslab xBold - the band's music style being an equal blend of Sufi & Rock music

SomaSlab Tall - Has the same characteristics as SomaSlab, in condensed form - 2  weights, XBold & Heavy.
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