Music Packaging
Recent CD Packaging projects for the music industry, all aspects created by James Marsh Art & Design.
Music Packaging Projects
Various Conceptual Designs for Digipack formats
Scatter Factory - 4 panel Digipack design, incorporating 'Flecktone' logo created for the project
Venture Lift  -  'A Room in a Grand Hotel'  -  4 panel digipack layout, incorporating VL logo on front cover
                                                                                                         Website link  -
     Lolek  'A Japanese Phrasebook'  -  4 panel Digipack layout for CD of ambient / shoe-gaze music
The Pocket Wolf  'Four Eight' -  Nature themed album using field recordings, consisting of 4 tracks, 8 mins long
                                                                                            JM Video for the single  -
Avondale Airforce - Space themed, 11 track album, Digipack layout, incorporating specially created 'A' logos
                                                                                         Music link  -
Ishi - 12" vinyl sleeve 'Juno' - 5 track EP -  2016 release
incorporating 'Make it Records' logo, designed for indi releases by the band
ishi -  'Through the Trees'  -  4 panel digipack design - the music genre is known as 'Folktronic'.
                                                                                                     Website link  -
Ishi single cover - 'Shake your dandelion'  -  remix, designed to compliment the CD 'Through the Trees' above
                                                                                                     Soundcloud link  -
Subsurfing - 'Frozen Ants'  -  Cover & Disc layout for ambient dub CD by Japanese recording artist Ryoji Oba
Dalton - 4 panel digipack layout for American singer-songwriter Nate Harar's debut album -
The concept behind the shape is symbolic, being an island metaphor & representing one's creative working space:
Nate writing the songs and playing most of the instruments on the album, all from his apartment.
Fierce Panda website link  -
Inner Sound Accelerator  -  1st planned album of unreleased '90s recordings
                                                                        Band Camp link
Villareal -  'Unravelling'  -  4 panel Digipack layout, incorporating the theme throughout the packaging.
                                                                              Website link   -
Venture Lift - 'Tower of Spacious Karma'  -  6 panel layout for the 2012 album of Psychedelic Music
Lightning Dept.  'Things keep blowing up'  -  4 panel Digipack layout -
Limited Edition CD  -  plectrum logo also created for the album
Rocqawali - The Sufi Rock 'n' Roll  -  Debut album by fusion band, playing a harmonic blend of Sufi & Rock music
My Girl The River - 'This ain't no Fairytale' 4 panel Digipack layout - inside pockets accommodate a 4 page booklet left + CD right
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