Music Logos & Identities
New Logo/Identity for Reveal Records, to help with promotion and re-launch of website.
Logos & Identities
A selection of projects designed for clients within the music industry
Reveal Records - Logo / Identity Re-branding for record company - website, video and print use
                           JM video link incorporating the logo  -
Ship in a Bottle Guitars - Website banner / Identity for Colin Price, "Guitar Technician to the stars"
OVVK Logo - For French, government sponsored company, aimed at helping musicians publish their work
Rocqawali Logo - For use as the bands ID, their music being a fusion of Sufi & Rock music.
                                           The Rose is a religious metaphor symbolising the many layers or levels of the mind
Songboy Records - Logo created for Scottish singer-songwriter Dean Owens' independent label
Mot-Mot - logo / ID -  For Music Publishing company, taking the exotic bird's name as the labels' title
Thorn Logo - Created for the Portuguese singer-songwriter Andrew Thorn
 Pocket Wolf Music - Website Homepage including Logo, designed to launch the 'indi' Record Company.
     You Tube link to my video for the first single by Pocket Wolf   -

It Records - Logo created for the digipack album & promotional material on 'Through the Trees' by ishi
Mind Expansion - Logo for Fuxa Records, showing alternate versions, above & below
Jayboy Records - Logo created for independent US Record Label
Logo / ID - For 10th African Music Festival 2014, above - image based on the traditional sculptures of Guinee
                  Poster Design adaptation below   -  website link  -
Kora & Cordes Poster  -  Incorporating several 'Artytype' fonts, predominantly all 3 weights of 'Somatype Skwash
                                                                                             Font website link  -
Flecktone Logo above - indie label - Created for the 'Scatter Factory' project by Will Foster -  Multi-purpose usage
TSWI - Logo / ID -  For Rock Group, incorporating the band's full name - 'The Skin We're In'
Venture Lift Logo -   Designed for multipurpose use - music packaging, stationary, promotional material etc.
Lightning Dept. - Logo for branding purposes,  based on a plectrum or guitar pic
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