Illustrated Album Designs
Album cover designs incorporating existing images from my archives. The images were chosen by the musicians for adapation into the chosen formats - CD's, Albums, Posters, Promotion etc.
Album Packaging Design
A mixed selection of projects combining Illustration with Graphics
   The Lovetones - 'Lost'  -  Cover design top, plus 4 panel Digipack layout, from their 4th album release
The cover incorporates a previously unpublished painting, created in 1975 as a fine-art gallery piece
Paul Melia - 'Hold Onto the Colours'  -  CD cover design, available via -
       The design adapts a 1970's painting, chosen from my stock library by the musician
Paul Melia - 'Hold Onto the Colours'  -  12" Single sleeve, designed to tie in visually with the album above
Paul Melia - 'Moons over Mountains'  -  12 inch vinyl album cover, 2015 above
 'Doctor in the Sky'  -  single from the album below:
Unwed Sailor  -  'The White Ox' -  Album cover top:
single cover 'Shadows' above, both designed to compliment each other
 Digital Wounds  -  CD & Vinyl cover design for US band 'ishi' with a 'mind-body-spirit' theme.
ishi derives from the native American indian tribe maintaining a strong faith in mysticism.
4 panel Digipack layout below, minus the accompanying 6 panel insert.
Soundcloud link to audios  -
ishi single cover design  - 'Galaxy Child' :
Single taken from the 2015 album of the same name, shown below:
ishi Digipack album cover  - 'Galaxy Child'
Gerry Rafferty  -  'Right Down The Line'  -  12 inch vinyl album cover design from 1989
Motoharu Sano & the Heartland  -  'The Golden Ring'
3 CD boxed set, wrap-around artwork, for acclaimed Japanese rock band
Erazure - 'Crackers International'  -  12 inch vinyl sleeve design:
            Russian pastiche for 1988 seasonal album release
Jamiroquai - 'Emergency on Planet Earth'  -  Re-packaged & Re-issued digipack 2013
Above - Gatefold spread from the bands 1993 debut album
Below - Sample spreads from 20 page booklet
Jamiroquai - 'Emergency on Planet Earth'  -  Double CD, 6 panel digipack layout, 2013 re-issue
hARDACTORS - Sleeve design - 3 track EP of covers from Talk Talk's classic album 'It's My Life'
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