Cornercard Project
Cornercard is a combined Visa, Mastercard credit card where customers can select their designs from a range of European artists work. At the moment the cards are only available to Swiss Nationals but later may collaborate with other banks worldwide.
Cornercard credit card designs
CORNERCARD is a Swiss Credit Card and the first bank to use artists work on credit cards.
Customers can select from a range of European artists work to personalize their card, plus there's an option to crop the
imageas preferred, making each card even more unique; perfect for creatives.
Currently these cards are only available to Swiss nationals but collaborations with other banks is in discussion
Cornercard - 4 of 7 JM designs available, images cropped from original fine art works or digital prints
Cornercard - Abstract designs cropped from JM fine art print, above and below
Cornercard - 'Fine Filly', cropped from original JM painting
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