Conceptual Music Projects
A selection of album designs with a specific theme - Conceptual if you like. Also including Logo design and carried through visually for maximum impact to reinforce the themes.
Conceptual Album design projects
Music packaging with a resonant theme or identity

'A Man in Full' CD  -  Part 1 in a trilogy of autobiographical songs -
     reflecting the musicians various   transformations throughout his life;
                     The implied butterfly metaphor was created from a painting detail by M A Egan
Top  - CD employing painting detail  - 
Above  - 12 page lyrics booklet, back & front opened, revealing the full butterfly form
'MIF' CD covers - Parts 2 & 3 of the trilogy - Completing the transformation cycle - 
Booklet & CD follow the same format as Part 1
A Man in Full - Pack shots of Part 1, showing Booklet back & front plus Digipack
Brutes on the Quiet - Poster & ad layout above, to promote the album shown below
Andrew Thorn - Brutes on the Quiet - Monkey themed project;
based on lyrics from album track & the CD title, carried forward into the Thorn Logo ID
2 Single cover designs - taken from the Andrew Thorn CD above
Titles: - Brutes on the Quiet' & 'Strip Machine'
Villareal - 'Unravelling' digipack cover - designed to reflect the title and album's exploratory subject matter
                    Website link  -
 Villareal - 'Unravelling'   -  4  track EP cover - designed to promote their 4th album shown above

Lightning Dept. - 'Hello Iceberg' - Cover for album of personal songs about failed relationships
The Iceberg being a metaphor for tragedy etc. the sea being 'the great unknown'

'Venture Lift' - vinyl single sleeve cover above - cropped from the digipack album format below, for continuity.
                                          Website link -
ID - Prospective 2nd album cover for the band 'Turmalin', titled 'Interior Design' - a follow-up to 'Godbye'
'Poznan' by Paul Melia  -  Cover for Album of very personal, reflective songs
Dammerson Vaughan - Mirrorworlds  -  Album of Moody Ambient Music; with a majestic movie soundtrack vibe.

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Human Engine  -  John Beltran album cover design
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