Circular Album Cover Art
A selection of Abstract circular art used on Album covers. Retro 1960's feel using a mixture of digital prints and original relief artwork.
A varied selection of album covers incorporating circular imagery
MirrorWorlds - CD & 12" vinyl cover design for album of ambient, electronic music.
The image is of rhythmical sand formations is a metaphor for for the title, as sand is the main component in creating glass.
Venture Lift - 'Tower of Spacious Karma', cover design for album of psychedelic influenced music.
Album track featured on my Transmusicales 34 animation   -
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Disco Queen by ishi - EP slip-case cover design, tracks taken from the album 'Digital Wounds
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Avondale Airforce  -  12" vinyl cover design for album of 10 space-themed tracks.
The Sufi Rock 'n Roll - Digipack cover for 1st album by Rocqawali  -  Playing a fusion blend of Rock & Sufi music
Doves are considered auspicious in Sufi culture, each ring representing a member of the band
Rocqawali website link  ~
Vidar - 'Life Cycles' - CD cover proposal for project of personally themed music - work in progress.
The Infra-Realist Session - A Fusion album of Guitar Music & Spoken Words by Gary Lucas & Bruno Galindo
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