Logos or identities for companies wanting to rebrand and promote their business. Business cards, Menus, symbols or graphics in colour or black and white.
Company logos/Identities for multipurpose use
Annetin AS - Interior Architect - Logo / ID Branding. Double sided Card sample showing colour + B&W version underneath it
                                                                                       Website link  -
Beech Bar - Branding proposal for Norwegian Hotel Bar, located on the Beach, playing on the word sound
Artytype - Foundry logo / ID - for a wide range of fonts: The AT logo uses lower case 'Tulip' characters
                     Somatype'bold is chosen for the 'Artytype' foundry name
                                                 See the full range of font design here  -
Forever Rocked - Branding for range of Talk Talk images on merchandise - Sold via major High-Street-Stores
SESE Logo - Designed for multipurpose use on all promotional material -
              Stationary, Banners, Posters and Website headers etc.
The design employs the 'Red Dot' motif, traditionally used to denote a sale in an exhibition.
Nordic Vision - Symbolic 'Flame-Figure' for Alfa Laval Nordic A/S - Large plant component engineers,
worldwide Corporate illustration above  -  Logo adaptation below -
                  Website link  -
Cunning Logo - 3 B&W variations for a personal branding project by the creative agency 'Cunning'.
                                                                                                    Website link -
Folkestone Art trust Logo - Re-branding for Art Foundation, curators of the extensive, South East art collection
F.A.T. Website -  Adapting the FAT Logo design above for the website header page templates.
                                                                                                  Website link  -
 Mind Expansion - ID / Logo for a subsidiary label of Fuxa Records USA, distributor of alternative music
                                                                                             Website link
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