Book Jackets
Book jacket designs to suit various client needs
Autogeddon Day  - A satirical novel with a biker theme, written under a pseudonym by author Jack Pound, 
Loosely based on characters and events from in and around his local area in Kent.
Cover Design  -  for Short Italian novel about a music critic
Spirit of Talk Talk  -  Book, celebrating the music & art of Talk Talk  -  Wrap-around jacket design below -
                          Published by Rocket 88, an Essential Publishing imprint  -
Winston Smith Trilogy  - 3 self published books, designed to work as a set, incorporating a global theme -
                                        Images 2 & 3 below, selected from my stock library by the author for this purpose
Messages from Thorbjørn  -  Case study of a clients brain messages by Norwegian psychologist Petter Nesset
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