Art Posters
Poster designs for various art related events
Folder of poster designs for various art events:
hART Annual Exhibition - Group show poster

Metaphormosis - Alternative poster for collage print exhibition shown below:

Metaphormosis - Exhibition of collage print work

Wild at hART - Group show with a wildlife theme

Power Lines - hART artist group Poster for themed exhibition - brief open to interpretation
'6 More' - Group show of new contributors to the FAT collection
Inaugural Art Exhibition Poster  -  Featuring 11 selected artists from the 'Folkestone Art Trust' Collection
Design incorporates my Somatype Skwosh typeface  -
SESE Poster - Announcing 'Summer' Art exhibition' as part of the Folkestone Triennial 'Fringe' events -
     Also incorporating the SESE 'dots' logo at the top
Thomas Hennell - Exhibition poster - Adapting a B&W detail from a piece in the show
Galindo-Lucas  -  Poster for a special performance at the Bowery Club NY,
designed to reflect the resonating interaction between the electric guitar & spoken word
Chinese Posters Exhibition - Front & back of invite shown above, incorporating & adapting a selected image from the exhibition.
Alternate poster design below based on detail from the original
Telling Tales  -  Poster & preview invite for Literary themed event, using a Peter Blake image from the show :
                       Find out more about the 'Folkestone Art Trust' here  -
9 Images on Exhibition -  Artist promo poster and flyer design for a show of personal, abstract work
Promo Posters from Reactor Canada
Showcasing Collage & Digital work
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